Designed and made by Aey Aspdin

The brand name - aeyglom - is a combination of my Thai nickname Aey and the word Glom, meaning circle – the shape and form often reflected in my work. Having spent my childhood in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I moved to the UK as a teenager and graduated with a BA in three-dimensional design, specialising in ceramics before starting my own small ceramics studio. Design and homeware have always been a real passion, my love of food, design and ceramics featuring regularly throughout my career. I was lucky enough to spend a few years living in Parma and all the wonderful produce in this Italian foodie heartland inspired me to create tableware that can be used to present food at its finest.

The Collection

When not in the studio, my home life revolves around the kitchen, all four of us (husband and two kids) happily crowded around the island, creating feasts for family and friends. This perfect fusion of Thai and Italian culture involves sharing lots of different dishes on small plates, with inspiration often taken from travels. The tableware collection was created with this in mind, so there are small-dish plates and little bowls as well as more traditional dinner plates. The colourful bowls and cups have the texture of soft polished porcelain with a round base that gives you those warm feels when holding them, but they’re also functional for serving everything from snacks and noodles to pasta and poke dishes. 

My debut tableware collection is inspired by the vibrant colours of Miami. Colours of places around the world will inspire each collection. 

The Material

I love working with porcelain, although it can be very challenging! The material is very delicate and prone to mistakes, but the final finish is very smooth and has a luxurious feel. This love of working with porcelain stems from my time at university, and the freedom of experimenting with mixing colours into porcelain and testing the translucency. I started out making porcelain lights before moving onto tableware.


The collection is designed and made in my garden studio at home in West Sussex. Each piece has been handmade in small batches, using an industrial technique called slip casting. This intricate process involves pouring liquid porcelain into plaster moulds to form a layer inside the mould, with time and patience, requiring careful handling and drying to prevent warping during firing. Each piece is cast with layers of both natural and coloured porcelain slip giving clean lines and bold colours. The individual pieces are carefully hand-finished, glazed inside and polished to give a soft tactile feel.